Use Case Types to differentiate workflows and assign Matter Plans. Case Types and Matter Plans have a 1:1 relationship and ultimately drive how a matter should be processed.  

How to Manage the Case Type Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of case type records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can CreateEdit, and View case type records
  • Litify Power User: Can CreateEditView, and Delete case type records

Page Layouts

Matters: Take Action Layout 

Case Type information is available on matters as a field.

Matter Plans: Matter Plan Layout

Case Type information is available on matter plans as a field.

Intakes: Intake Layout v6

Case Type information is available on intakes as a field.

All Fields 

Field Label Field Name Data Type Indexed Definition
ExternalId litify_pm__ExternalId__c Number(18, 0) (External ID) TRUE ID of this case type in LRN
Is Available litify_pm__Is_Available__c Checkbox FALSE Available to use on cases
Is Local litify_pm__Is_Local__c Formula (Checkbox) FALSE Custom case types created in an org ID litify_pm__Litify_com_ID__c Formula (Text) FALSE Case type ID
LRN Case Type litify_pm__LRN_Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type) TRUE Managed case type. Populated when you create a custom case type.
Mapped to ExternalId litify_pm__Mapped_to_ExternalId__c Formula (Number) FALSE ID of the LRN case type
Owner OwnerId Lookup(User,Group)   Owner of this record
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