Use roles to define the exact role an individual or business has in a case, such as insurance companies, hospitals, and witnesses. The Role Object (Role__c) is the junction object that defines the role between a party (account) and an intake or matter.

How to Manage the Role Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of role records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can Create, Edit, and View role records
  • Litify Power User: Can Create, Edit, View, and Delete role records

Page Layouts

Matters: Take Action Layout 

Roles are available on matters as a related list. They are also available on the Parties tab.

Intakes: Intake Layout v6

Roles are available on intakes as a related list. They are also available on the Parties tab.

Roles: (Take Action) Layout

Roles have their own dedicated page layout.

All Fields 

Field Label Field Name Data Type Description
Additional Traits litify_pm__Additional_Trait__c Picklist (Multi-Select) Further defines a role in the context of a case
Comments litify_pm__Comments__c Long Text Area(131072) Any comments added to a role
Intake litify_pm__Intake__c Lookup(Intake) The Intake record ID
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter) The Matter Record ID
Party litify_pm__Party__c Master-Detail(Party) The Party record associated with this role
Party Address litify_pm__Party_Address__c Formula (Text) The party address: BillingStreet, BillingCity, BillingState, BillingCountry, BillingPostalCode
Party Email litify_pm__Party_Email__c Formula (Text) The party email
Party Name litify_pm__Party_Name__c Formula (Text) The name of the party
Party Phone litify_pm__Party_Phone__c Formula (Text) The party phone number
Related Role litify_pm__Parent_Role__c Lookup(Role) Any related role that this role looks up to
Related Role Name litify_pm__Related_Role_Name__c Formula (Text) The name of a related role
Role Category litify_pm__Role__c Picklist The definition of this role in the case
Role Sub-Category litify_pm__Subtype__c (controlling field: litify_pm__Role__c) Picklist (Multi-Select) Further definition of this role in the case
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