Merge Images

Using our Merge Image solution you can upload an image and then using the input tag for that image add it to your template and include images in your documents.


How to upload a Global Image

There is a new tab within Docrio Document Generation called Global Images. From this tab you can upload images to be used across all of the Docrio platform.


Step 1:

From within the app launcher search for ‘Docrio Document Generation’, and launch this app.


Step 2:

From the Global Images tab, click ‘Add New Image’. Click ‘Add Image File’, your computers native dialog box will open. Find the image on your computer and select open.




Step 3:

Once you have selected the image from your computer, enter in the name you would like to use for this global image into the ‘Input Name’ field. Please note: This name will become what the input tag is titled.


Step 4:

Click Save


Step 5:

On the right half of the screen, select the ‘Merge Tags’ tab. Here is where you will find the input tag for the global image that you just created. Use the clipboard icon to copy the input tag.




Adding a Global Image to a Template:

Once you have created your image Merge Tag, you need to add the input tag for the image to your template within Docrio, as well as your template file.


Step 1:

From the Template Builder tab, use ‘Edit Template’ to locate your existing template.


Step 2:

From the Input Tab, select ‘Add Existing Input’. A modal will open listing all existing inputs within your org. There is a drop down on the top left of the modal where you can refind the list of inputs. Select ‘Global Image’ from that list. Find the global image input previously created, click ‘Add Input’



All image inputs added to a template automatically have all their settings defaulted to: Hidden from end user during merge. The rest of the settings on an input are greyed out, and can not be changed.


Step 3:

Update your template file by adding the image input tag where you would like the image to be on your document. And then upload the new template file as the Source File on the Template Tab.


Any packets previously built that include the newly updated template, will now have the image during merge.


Any new packets built with this new template will have the image during merge.

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