With our newest release of Docrio we are bringing even more of your daily functions into Docrio, to keep you from having to switch between programs. As well as listening to your feedback and adding improvements to our template builder and merge process. 

V2 Package Link - https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t1U0000058YBx

NEW INSTALLS - please still follow the Install instructions here.

For UPGRADES from a V1 version - Post install instructions can be found here.

New Features:

  • Merge Images
  • External Links
  • DocAssign 
  • Template Builder and Merge Process improvements


Merge Images:

Using our new tab Global Images that can be found in our Document Generation section, you can upload an image and then using the input tag for that image add it to your template and include images in your documents. 

The next time you need to put a logo or signature into a document, Image Merge will make it light years easier. 

Full documentation can be found here.


External Links:

Using our file action ‘Create External Links’ Docrio users can now select one or more documents to share with someone else. The user can specify how long the file is valid for, as well as set a password if desired. 

Full documentation can be found here.



DocAssign is our answer to mailroom functionality. With DocAssign a user can easily bulk upload documents into Docrio, and then go through and assign them to the necessary record. No longer do you need to know the record ahead of time. 

Full documentation can be found here.


Template Builder and Merge Process Improvements:

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have made improvements to our Template Builder and Merge Process. 

  • We now have separate tags for Day/Month/Year
  • Added the ability to sort Salesforce Record(s) fields by ascending or descending
  • Freeform entry picklists and multi-picklist values will now include all inputs and default values when added as an existing input to a new template
  • Ability to Delete or Reorder existing Rules and Filters
  • Ability to "Close" Inputs and Templates
  • Added an option to test a template within the template builder. By utilizing this, a user can test out their template without having to build a packet and merge to an existing record first. 
  • New formatting option to auto-select a single SF Record when only 1 value is returned 
  • Added "All" and "Any" logic options to Filters
  • Added tracking on how many times each Template and Packet have been merged
  • Added the ability to do basic sums in a merge table
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