Litify Referrals Pro is the complete referrals solution that equips your firm to send, receive, manage, and integrate your referrals with the rest of the Litify application. Built on Salesforce, Litify Referrals Pro is your first step in case management. With Litify Referrals Pro, your referrals are no longer just referrals. They become cases, and you can work on them from beginning to end in one place—Litify.

Litify Referrals Pro is synced to the Litify Referral Network, a social network of hundreds of firms that use Litify daily. Using Litify Referrals Pro gives you access to these firms and allows you to invite partner firms to Litify Referrals Network.

Why should you use Litify Referrals Pro?

Your inbound referrals are integrated into the rest of your case-management processes, so you can transform them into intakes and matters and work on an entire case in one application. With Litify Referrals, you can:

When should I use Litify Referrals Pro?

  • You have more case referrals than you need
  • A case is not right for your firm and you want to refer it to another firm
  • You need to send, store, and manage all referrals in a single application with ease
  • You need to monetize outgoing referrals and keep track of incoming referrals
  • You need to use data to strengthen your referral decisions

Litify Referrals Network

The Litify Referrals Network (LRN) is a network of hundreds of law firms that use Litify Referrals daily. LRN allows you to send referrals to the right firm at the right time, receive appropriate referrals, and build business partnerships in a single application. With LRN’s built-in success metrics, you make data-driven decisions when sending referrals, so you save time and money and strengthen every decision you make.

Permission Set

Users working on Litify Referrals Pro should have the Litify Referral User permission set. This set grants users access to all processes and objects in Litify Referrals Pro.

Refrain from Sending Referrals on LRN Web App while also using Litify Referrals Pro

When using Litify Referrals Pro, it is best practice to send referrals only from within your Litify org.

Known Issues

Sending outgoing referrals through both the LRN Web App and Litify Referrals Pro will cause sync failures. Data will still show up in the LRN Web App no matter how the referral is sent, so it is always best practice to send outgoing referrals from Litify Referrals Pro.

Issues that can occur if both the LRN Web App and Litify Referrals Pro are used to send outgoing referrals:

  • Outgoing referral records will be created
  • No referral transaction is created and as a result:
    • Even if a handling firm exists on the referral it will not be populated on the referral record within your Litify org.
    • Critical dates such as the Investigated and Sign Up dates will not sync or populate.
    • If a referral is settled, won, turned down, or lost the referral will not be updated to reflect those updates.


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