What is a Litify Questionnaire?

Litify Questionnaires (Questionnaire__c) and Questions (Question__c) are both custom objects. Questionnaires contain questions organized in nodes that intake agents ask potential clients. Build Questionnaires to determine and define the questions intake agents ask potential clients. Map question answers directly to the intake or matter while completing a questionnaire. As a critical part of many firms’ intake process, questionnaires can be as simple or as complex as needed.

When should I use Litify Questionnaires? 

Use questionnaires on new intakes to collect information in the case-qualification process, and store that information on the intake. You can also use questionnaires on matters to continue compiling case information or complete follow-up questionnaires. Create questionnaires for different case types and situations to make sure everyone at your firm is asking the right questions and qualifying cases.

Why should I use questionnaires?

Questionnaires allow you to gather and store case information, map fields directly from the questionnaire, and evaluate your case based on your firm's business practices real-time. Questionnaires equip intake agents, attorneys, and case managers with the tools to customize their intake process.


  • Build an introductory questionnaire to gather basic case information.
  • Build a questionnaire for each specific case type your firm handles.
  • Build a closing questionnaire that contains the final questions in the qualification process.

Permission Sets

  • Users must have the View Setup and Configuration permissioned assigned to create questionnaires and access the Questionnaire Builder tab.
  • We advise to clone the standard Litify Power User permission set and update the System Preferences to have the View Setup and Configuration permission enabled.
  • The cloned permission set can be then assigned to Users who need access to the Questionnaire Builder to create/edit Questionnaires.
  • Intake agents must have the Litify Intake User permission to view and complete questionnaires. Additionally, the Litify Matter User contains these permissions.

Questionnaire Toolkit tab

Grant users access to the Questionnaire Toolkit tab if you want to allow them to create questionnaires without the Litify Power User permission set. Navigate to Setup > Profiles and locate the profile you want to edit. Within the profile, navigate to Object Settings and find Questionnaire Toolkit. Set the Tab Settings to Default On.

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