About the Resolutions Release

This release is all about resolving matters on Litify, resolving client feature requests, and resolving issues across the entire platform. We've added Resolutions, allowing you to gather information about the end of a matter's lifetime on Litify and report on that information. We enhanced the speed of our Roles feature, resolving direct client feedback. Additionally, we added numerous ways to locate, connect, and work matters.


Introducing Resolutions so firms can track the results of each claim

Store resolutions in Litify to capture information about verdicts, decisions, attorney fees, and other information involved in resolving a legal matter. Track your resolutions and report on them to bring your case-management practices to the next level on Litify. Read the complete article.


Connect related cases with Companion Matters

Companion matters allow you to link two separate matters so you can access them and work on connected cases easily. If you have two plaintiffs in a car accident, link the matters via Companion Matters so you can keep track of them. Add the companion matters component to your matters page to view connected cases at a glance. Read the complete article.

User-added imageThis feature requires setup.



Add My Matters to your home page to easily find your open matters

View all matters you own and where you are a matter team member with the My Matters component. Locate your open matters at a glance and click View More to see the complete list. This feature simplifies your workflow and gives you a reliable tool for viewing your cases. Read the complete article here.

User-added imageThis feature requires setup.



Locate exact matters easily using the Matters Quick Search in the utility bar

Locate exact matters easily using the Matters Quick Search in the utility bar. This search includes all matters you own or where you are a matter team member. Simply enter search information and click the magnifying glass or press enter to see search results. Read the complete article here.

User-added imageThis feature requires setup.



Easily print and download question answers directly from questionnaires

Located beneath the questionnaire, the print and download button lets you print all answers gathered on the questionnaire. Simply scroll beneath a questionnaire into the Questionnaire Output section and click the button. Attorneys and paralegals can use this to quickly print and review questionnaires in a readable format, simplifying the case-qualification and management processes. Read the complete article here.





• Created "Opposing Party" field on matter. LIT-3482   
• Created "Court" field on matter.  LIT-3481    
• Created "Fees Due to Others" field on matter.

Matter Plans

• Added the ability for tasks from task sets to be due based on when another task from the task set is completed. LIT-3592    
• Added the ability for child tasks to auto-add if the parent task is completed on a different stage.
• Added "Manual" due date type for default matter tasks so users can choose a due date themselves when adding a task to a matter. Read the complete article about Due Date Selector. LIT-3587

User-added imageThis feature requires setup.

• Changed what tasks are available to add from a matter plan to only directly upcoming tasks.
• Changed what tasks are pre-checked to add when adding a task set. LIT-3588    
• Redesigned the buttons on matter plans to use less space on the page. LIT-3470    
• Combined Modify Matter Path and Mark as Stage Complete/Mark as Current Stage Buttons.
• Moved Guidance to Success to icon next to current stage name on Matter Plan.  LIT-3471    
• When user clicks Mark Stage Complete, the component moves to the next stage, and make it the current active stage.    
• When user clicks Mark As Current Stage, a message is displayed to user.    LIT-3431   
• When user clicks Mark Stage Complete, a message is displayed to user.  LIT-3

Matters Quick Search

• Add the ability to move directly from type-ahead search to the selected record when using Matters Quick Search. LIT-3536  


• Created custom simple view screen for a simpler way to view role information. LIT-3469   
• Created custom simple edit modal for a simpler way to edit role information. LIT-3468    
• Roles component works well when placed on side rail of lightning app. LIT-3489    
• Ability to search by Party Name from custom lookup on roles record. LIT-3474    
• We now support formula fields with hyperlinks on Related Lists on roles component so that they display correctly.   LIT-3437   
• Add Record Home to related list action drop down in role component.   LIT-3436    
• Related lists on Roles component supports currency fields. LIT-3435    
• Added a Save and New button when creating record from Related List on Roles component. LIT-3433
• On simple create, only the lookup field for the role that generated the related list should pre-populate with the Role. LIT-3415           
• Support formula fields with hyperlinks on Compact Layout on roles component so that they display correctly.  LIT-3409  
• Added safe guard to prevent users from creating duplicate records by accident. LIT-3404  
• Improved spacing, modal size, and button placement on custom create and edit component.   LIT-3401  

Task Management

• Added users photo next to Assignee name on Task Table.
• Added task type icon for tasks on task table next to Name. LIT-3460    
• All Tasks tab now defaults to the current user.  LIT-3459    
• Added setting to task table component so that table can default to expanded or collapsed when users open a matter record. LIT-3457  
• Reduced the space between task table buttons and task table. LIT-3451    
• Added the ability to display your choice of 10-100 tasks on the task table at once. LIT-3605   
• Reinitialize the task table when you show the table (applicable to collapsing table by default setting).
• Table partially refreshes when tasks are updated. LIT-3578  
• Refresh the task table with the refresh button on the table. LIT-3531   
• Clicking anywhere on the header cell of task table now sorts by that header. LIT-3529    
• Added setting to task table to default to clip or wrap view of task table. LIT-3525    
• Moved Add Task Set button to left side of model by the + button.  LIT-3504    
• Add a setting on task table to make the Repeat column optional. It is hidden by default.  LIT-3467    
• When task is updated on task table, changed success message to "Task updated successfully."  LIT-3455        
• Improved performance of loading time for task assignee on Add Tasks window.   LIT-3523   
• Task Table now supports organizations that use custom task statuses.  LIT-3522    
• Removed the delay on the task table when refreshing.   LIT-3492   
• Completed tasks move to the bottom of the task table instantly when completed.    LIT-3439    
• Completed tasks on Task Table are distinguished by a green checkmark icon. LIT-3438    
• Sorting by Due Date on Task Table behaves like Salesforce.   LIT-3425    
• Added call to action to create tasks if no tasks exist on table. LIT-3429    
• Changed buttons on Task Table to be more user friendly.  LIT-3428    
• Filters on Task Table are more intuitive. LIT-3426    
• Updated what tasks are included in Total Calls (litify_pm__Total_Calls__c) and Last Called At (litify_pm__Last_Called_At__c) fields on Intake, Matter and Party.  LIT-3490    
• Improvements to UI of Reassign Task window. LIT-3556   


• Added Litify Brand and Colors to Questionnaire Component.  LIT-3514   
• Improvements to UI in the 'Delete Questionnaire' window. LIT-3566  

Matter Team

• Improved button styling and brand colors on Matters Team component.  LIT-3483 


• DICE now displays the number of records currently in a queue. LIT-3466   

Matters Quick Search

• Ability to perform Advanced Search on custom lookup field by pressing enter on keyboard. LIT-3450    

Advanced Search

• Added Contains and Does Not Contain conditions to Advanced Search.   LIT-3449    
• Increased size of Advanced Search modal when accessing from a lookup when creating a related record on Roles Component.

Custom Lookup

• "Pill" in custom lookups expands to the size of the field. LIT-3423    
• Made Custom Lookup Field values more readable for records with Auto-Number Names. LIT-3416    
• Support formula fields with hyperlinks so that they display correctly in the Advanced Search. LIT-3411  
• Support formula fields with hyperlinks so that they display correctly in the custom lookup type-ahead search. LIT-3410      
• Made values in lookup field in pill format so users don't make mistakes.  LIT-3405     


• Updated System Administrator profile Layout and Compact Layout Record Assignments.  LIT-3421    


• Request Type field on Request object is now an unrestricted pick list. LIT-3442    



All Task

• Fixed issue on All Tasks tab where editing a task from the component causes component to display incorrectly.  LIT-3585  

Custom Lookup

• Fixed issue where type-ahead search results were not populating on the roles component.  LIT-3590  
• Fixed issue where Master-Detail Relationship lookups do not appear on New Record Create Modal, for example Damages. LIT-3407   
• Fixed issue with Lookup Field component query when custom field has same api name as a Litify field, but without the namespace prefix.
• Removed 'Save & New' button, added cancel button, moved buttons to modal footer, when creating records from lookups on questionnaires. LIT-3562   


• Fixed issue where the Questionnaire Output field on intakes only displayed questions and answers from one questionnaire even if multiple questionnaires exist.  LIT-3639    
• Fixed issue where the Questionnaire Output field on the intake was incorrectly displaying questions and answers causing duplication. LIT-3617  


• Fixed issue where LRN referrals were not syncing updates correctly. LIT-3604    

Matter Plans

• Fixed issue where completing multiple tasks at once caused duplicate tasks to be created on a matter.
• Fixed issue where parent tasks only triggered child tasks if completed on the stage they were added.
• Fixed issue where upcoming tasks from future stages were displaying as ready to add. LIT-3640  
• Fixed issue where tasks that will be autogenerated still displayed for the user to manually add when the Auto-Add Task setting was turned on. LIT-3620    
• Fixed issue where tasks would not auto-add if the user activates a stage using the Mark As Current Stage button. LIT-3619  

Matter Team

• Fixed issue where lookup values were cut off on Matter Team component. LIT-3447  


• Fixed issue where completed questionnaires did not correctly display questions and answers on the bottom of the questionnaire component. LIT-3636    
• Fixed issue where the Questionnaire Output field on the intake displayed out of order questions on question sets with more than 4 questions. LIT-3635    
• Fixed issue where error message displayed when questionnaire component loads on page. LIT-3614    
• Fixed issue where the Questionnaire Output field on the intake was displaying the sets of questions out of order. LIT-3594  
• Fixed issue where Questionnaires were reloading/refreshing when a user was filling out a node and taking them back to the• previous • questionnaire that is open in a tab.  LIT-3559   
• Fixed issue where empty questionnaire icon appeared when a questionnaire is saved. LIT-3558   
• Question Sets without questions no longer display Next button.  LIT-3515    
• Can no longer delete multiple questionnaires on Questionnaire component   LIT-3497    
• Fixed issue where the last set of questions was not displaying in the questionnaire output section of the questionnaire component. LIT-3638  

Questionnaire Toolkit

• Fixed issue where error message would display when making CQC rules active using the Questionnaire Toolkit. LIT-3616    
• Fixed issue where error message displayed when creating a new questionnaire using the Questionnaire Toolkit. LIT-3615    
• Fixed issue where editing navigation rules updated the navigation of other question sets in a questionnaire when using the Questionnaire Toolkit. LIT-3591    
• Fixed issue where users were able to map questions with Text type to auto-number fields on Questionnaire Toolkit. LIT-3427   
• Fixed issue where question sets on navigation were overwritten on both Questionnaire Toolkit and the Questionnaire Builder. LIT-3552   

Task Table

• Fixed issue where an error message would display if only one task is on the table, and the user interacts with checkboxes on the table. LIT-3645  
• Fixed issue where an error message would display if only one task is on the table, and the user interacts with the upper left checkbox on the table used to select all. LIT-3644    
• Fixed issue where task table did not refresh when a new stage becomes active. LIT-3611    
• Fixed issue where previewing one task would prevent user from previewing any other tasks on the task table. LIT-3598    
• Fixed issue where a small grey box sometimes displayed on the task table due to a Google Chrome setting. LIT-3597  
• Fixed issue with grouping tasks by open/closed on the task table. LIT-3595    
• Fixed issue where SmallPhotoUrl error displayed to users sometimes when reassigning their tasks to others on task table. LIT-3589    
• Fixed issue where users cannot view task table if tasks are owned by an inactive user. LIT-3553   
• Fixed issue where menu items cut off on task table action menu.  LIT-3520   
• Fixed Task Table error. LIT-3519   
• Fixed default height of Add Tasks modal so lookup values aren't cut off.  LIT-3448   


• Fixed issue where Role subcategory was not respecting record type on Edit (on the roles component and on the side rail of lightning app). LIT-3564   
• Fixed issue where users were unable to create person accounts from the roles component. LIT-3420   
• Fixed issue where Additional Traits weren't pre-selected on editing role information. LIT-3565  
• Fixed issue where fields labels were not displaying when creating a new record from the roles component. LIT-3580  
• Fixed issue where checkbox fields were displayed as pick lists when creating records from Roles component. LIT-3400   
• Fixed issue where Additional Traits pick list on roles component did not adjust to only show value available for the record type selected.
• Fixed Winter 19 Styling issue for simple create. LIT-3472    
• Fixed issue where all the buttons are deactivated when X-ing out of the creating record from Related List on Roles component. LIT-3554    

Advanced Search

• Fixed issue where various fields on the Advanced Search modal were not working. LIT-3571   
• Fixed issue where searching on advanced search returned partial results before users finished typing.     LIT-3399   


• Fixed issue with Litify Individual page layout when creating a new party. LIT-3521 

Custom Lookup

• Fixed issue where height of custom lookup field changed when populated. LIT-3446   
• Fixed issue where recent Items on custom lookup were not populating. LIT-3444  


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