Modify a Matter Plan During a Case with Matter Stage Switches


What is a matter stage switch?

Matter Stage Switch (litify_pm__Matter_Stage_Switch__c) is a Litify custom object that allows you to switch from one matter plan to another. Define possible paths to navigate to at any point on a matter plan with matter stage switches. Once a users modifies a matter plan with a stage switch, the stages on the new plan are appended to the completed stages of the previous plan.


When should I create matter stage switches? 

Create matter stage switches when you are building matter plans to ensure that you can change the course of a matter plan if necessary. For example, a case may go into a settlement negotiation instead of a trial and require a different matter plan. You may go into a fee collection plan immediately after settlement, which could occur at any point during the pre-litigation plan. Use matter stage switches to give your plans the flexibility they need to accurately show what's happening in a case at a specific time. 


Here's how:

1. Navigate to a matter plan. Make sure to create a matter plan before you add switches.

2. In Matter Milestones, click the Matter Stage to which you want to add a matter stage switch.



You might notice a Matter Stage Switch section on this page. This section contains matter stages switches that  navigate toward this plan. To create matter stage switches that navigate away from this plan, continue this process. 

3. On the matter stage you select, click New on Matter Stage Switches.


4. Complete the "New Matter Stage Switch" window.

a. The Matter Stage is predetermined. This is the stage from which the plan can switch to a new plan. 
b. Select the Matter Plan. This is the new matter plan you can switch to from this stage.
c. Click Save



5. To test the stage switch, navigate to the matter stage you selected in step 2. Make sure to mark the stage as the current stage, then click Modify Matter Path.


6. Select the new plan you are adding to the current matter plan in the Append path window. This adds every stage in the selected matter plan to the current matter plan.


7. Check the Preview to make sure you selected the right plan. The Preview displays the new stages you are appending to the current stage. Click Save.


8. Check your matter plan to see the appended stages.


Additional Considerations

This process does not update the Matter Plan field on this matter with the new plan.


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