About CalendarRules Integration on Litify

Litify Matters is integrated with CalendarRules to provide seamless access to court rules, related deadlines, and events. CalendarRules provides rules for courts across the United States, including State, Federal, Bankruptcy, Appellate, Local, Judges, and miscellaneous Agency-related rules. Litify's CalendarRules integration gives you access to this database, allowing you to keep track of your jurisdiction-specific events, add them to your calendar, and associate them with a matter.


Why should I use CalendarRules?

• Access a database of necessary events in your jurisdiction and add them directly to your calendar.
• Ensure you do not miss any important deadlines in the lifetime of a matter.
• Associate events with a matter, so your information is connected and accessible.
• Create consistent procedures for your matters based on jurisdiction.
• Plan matters by setting calendar events for upcoming trigger items.


Trigger Items

With CalendarRules, you can generate deadlines based on Trigger Items. Trigger items are important events in a case, such as arbitration, trial, and settlement. These trigger items contain a set of deadlines, based on court rules, that must be met. Use CalendarRules to generate these court rules' related deadlines, add them to your calendar, and associate them with a case. Events are added based on the date the trigger item occurred, ensuring the dates of case events are accurate.

For example, let's say the trigger item is Trial. Based on that, CalendarRules generates events you must complete before and after the Trial date, such as Discovery Cutoff, Last Day to Serve Written Discovery, Last Day to Serve Notice of Deposition, and many others.


Accessing CalendarRules

To use CalendarRules on Litify, you must have a CalendarRules subscription for the jurisdictions where you want to use rules. See the setup instructions for complete information.



• The Litify Calendar Rules User permission set grants all permissions to use Calendar Rules.
• To edit Calendar Rules Settings - users must have the administrator profile.


CalendarRules component

Use the CalendarRules custom component to access trigger items based on jurisdiction and add events to your calendar. Take a look:



Custom objects on CalendarRules

litify_pm__CalendarRulesTrigger__c - View the Calendar Rules field library to see the custom fields on the this object.
litify_pm__LitifyCustomSetting__c  - A Litify custom setting object used for storing information that a regular custom setting cannot.   
litify_pm__EventLogJunction__c  - Junction object between Event and Log for use with CalendarRule Event type.  


Process Builders and Flows

Calendar Rules contains the Process Builders and Flows listed in this article.


Other Resources

Read the Calendar Rules Frequently Asked Questions.

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