When you create an intake, the Questionnaire tab contains the Default Questionnaire. You can add as many questionnaires as necessary to an intake beyond the default questionnaire. Questionnaires allow more flexibility to qualify a potential case, so you ensure that every intake becomes a quality case.

Adding multiple questionnaires to an intake allows you to process and evaluate potential cases across case types. For example, you contact a lead who believes he or she has a slip and fall case. After evaluating initial information, you realize this individual has a stronger worker's compensation case. You can quickly add a Worker's Compensation Questionnaire to the intake and continue interviewing the individual.


Here's how:

1. Navigate to the Questionnaire tab on an intake. Click the + button to the right of existing questionnaires.


2. Select the questionnaire from the dropdown list. Click Add


This list displays Available Questionnaires. You must set a questionnaire as available in Questionnaire Builder when you Create a Questionnaire.

3. The new questionnaire opens.


You successfully added a questionnaire. Add as many as you need for each case, and continue qualifying cases with Litify Questionnaires.

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