Litify Referrals Network Sync

Web-based Litify Referrals Network (LRN) is a network of hundreds of law firms that send, receive, and manage referrals daily on the Litify suite. Accounts on LRN allow firms to send and receive referrals with a free account on Litify Referrals Web App. LRN also supports the referrals processes of the Litify Referrals Pro app within our Salesforce-based Litify suite.

Syncing is necessary

Clients using Litify Referrals, Intakes, and/or Matters need to sync a free LRN account to their Salesforce-based Litify org.

What is synced via LRN

Connecting Litify to the Litify Referrals Network ensures that the firm can:

  • Send cases as outgoing referrals to other firms
  • Get updates about the progress of referrals previously accepted by other firms
  • Receive offers of incoming referrals from other firms
  • Keep senders of previously accepted incoming referrals up-to-date on case progress
  • Stay current with the list of firms available as LRN referrals partners (Firm object)
  • Stay compatible with the shared LRN Case Type taxonomy (Case Type object)
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