Add all of your firm’s practice areas and locations to your firm profile

Make sure your firm profile includes all of your practice areas and practice locations. This ensures that your firm is visible when originating firms send cases in those areas and locations.

Let's say your firm practices bankruptcy law in Tallahassee, Florida. When an originating firm refers a bankruptcy case in Tallahassee, your firm appears as a "Suggested Firm." This increases the accuracy and quantity of your inbound referrals.

Add practice areas and practice locations in Firm Settings. For more information, see this article: Add a Practice Location.


Build relationships with other firms in LRN

When you send referrals to a firm, your history with that firm begins. Check your Referral Network page to see where you have sent referrals, and how well those cases have succeeded. Review inbound referrals quickly, succeed with active referrals, send more referrals, and you will build your relationship with other firms in LRN. This strengthens business relationships—both new and long-term—and gives you more opportunities to receive referrals. 


Add firms to LRN

If you have business partnerships with firms outside LRN, invite them to LRN to enhance your relationship and streamline your referral processes with those firms. Soon, your partner firms will realize how easy it is to send, manage, and receive referrals in LRN and you will receive more referrals in less time. Everything is easier when you use Litify Referrals to build relationships and manage referrals.

See this article: Invite a Firm to the Litify Referral Network.


Upgrade to Referrals Pro

When you bring your referrals processes over to Referrals Pro, your referrals are integrated into the rest of your case’s tasks and matters. This enhances your case management processes and gives you the tools to expand your business.


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