Home Tab

The Home tab is the first screen you will see after logging in to Litify. Your firm can customize the home tab for each Litify app, showing the information and tools that are most useful for you and your colleagues. Different types of users (such as associates, partners, intake staff, and paralegals) may also see different information. Most firms choose to show some combination of the following on the home tab.

Charts and Graphs

Litify can show sophisticated visual representations of reports (data that your firm is tracking). As a partner, you might choose to review overall firm performance, such as case inventory or projected revenue. Intake staff might see graphs showing the number of intakes you or your colleagues have processed each day.


Recent Records

Recently viewed or edited records, such as intakes, matters, parties, or referrals, are listed so that you can easily resume previous work.


Updates and Reminders

The home tab will remind you of upcoming tasks that are assigned to you, as well as upcoming events on your Litify calendar. You might also see recent Chatter activity on relevant intakes or matters, such as comments or questions directed to you.

Other Tabs

Other tabs you and your users might see from the home page include Parties, Tasks, Intakes, Matters, and others. Administrators can determine tab accessibility for users through profiles and permission sets.



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