Release Notes

New Features

  • A Settlement Calculator has been added to Litify’s platform, accessible via Intakes and Matters default Lightning Record Pages. This calculator allows for users to quickly validate settlement scenarios to determine case viability by centralizing all damages, expenses, liens, and fees associated with a case. Check out our Settlement Calculator User Guide for more info.
  • Default Matter Alerts have been added to Litify’s platform and include Party is Minority and Party is Deceased
  • Notes have been added to Litify’s platform as a related list object for Intakes and Matters. Notes allow users to create and share critical information across the workflow of a case. Check out our Notes User Guide.

Setup Instructions

The Settlement Calculator requires a temporary permission set be created to interact with the new Liens object. If you are upgrading to a future release, these permissions are included with the Litify Matter User and Litify Power User permission sets. 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Permission Sets.
  2. Select New
  3. Provide a Label (Liens Access)
  4. Select Salesforce Platform for the License dropdown. 
  5. Save
  6. Navigate to Object Settings > Liens
  7. Select Edit and enable the Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions.
  8. Save
  9. Assign this permission set to users by selecting Manage Assignments > Add Assignments
  10. Enable all users who apply and select Assign to save. 

Optional Instructions 

If your organization does not use default Litify record page layouts and default Litify user permission sets, some additional configuration for these new features may be required. 

  • Settlement Calculator:  Add the settlementCalculator custom lightning component to your record pages and save. 
  • Default Matter Alerts: See the Admin Guide on how to create custom matter alerts based on key fields. 
  • Notes: See the Admin Guide on how to add Notes as a related list to your record pages. 


  • Resolved issue where referring out an intake where client’s state was “WV West Virginia” would change the Intake and Party record’s state to “VA Virginia.”
  • Resolved issue where orgs with >200k tasks were unable to re-open closed tasks.
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