What is a matter task set?

A task set is a group of tasks you can add to any active matter stage when an event occurs in a case that requires a set of tasks. Task sets give you the ability to change matter plans as cases change. Task sets contain all default matter tasks from a stage where the “Task Set” checkbox is marked as true. Task sets can be added to any stage on any matter plan.

Why should I use task sets?

Matter plans allow you to add tasks together instead of creating them individually or changing matter plans. With task sets, you can account for conditional or additional matter tasks and add them on any matter.

When should I use task sets?

For best practices, build a matter plan containing all of your task sets rather than setting individual stages as task sets across different plans. Administrators can enable matter stages as task sets when building matter plans. Users can add any task set on any matter stage on an active matter. This guide covers creating matter task sets. After creating a task set, add it to a matter stage.

Page Layout

On the matter stage object, assign the Matter Stage Layout V2 page layout to all profiles that need to create task sets.

Create a Task Set

  1. First, enable the Task Set on a Matter Stage.
  2. Navigate to a Matter Plan to locate the stage you are enabling as a task set.
  3. In the Matter Stages section, either create a new stage or edit an existing stage.ts1.png
  4. In the new or edit stage window, click the Task Set checkbox.
  5. Now, all of the tasks on this stage are included as a task set when you create tasks on a matter plan. This task set can be added to any stage on any matter.


Due Date Considerations

Task sets respect due dates set on the default matter tasks within the task set except for these two circumstances:

  • Due date based on stage activation is not supported.
  • Due dates dependent on other tasks are not supported if the other tasks are not apart of the task set.

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