Automate your case management processes by using all Litify Actions with Process Builder. Build processes for your most commonly used Litify Actions, such as turning down intakes, opening matters, and signing up intakes. Automating Litify Actions saves your users time and ensures your processes follow strict criteria. This guide provides common use cases and requirements for using Litify Actions in Process Builder.

Use Cases:

 Turn down an intake based on its status.
Refer out an intake based on the case location.
Sign up an intake based on its case type.



Because of the nature of Process Builder, Investigate, Decline, Send, Send again, Give up, Sign up, Turn down, Notify LRN  Litify Actions cannot be invoked with Process Builder in a batch context, such as when the Litify Referral Network syncs with Litify. Processes that use those actions must be invoked by an actual user.


Intake Case Flow

This guide contains several sections that walk you through an automated case workflow process.

1. Your firm receives an intake.
2. You choose to refer it out because it's an automobile accident case in Florida and your partner firm works on cases of this type. This is the first process.
3. Partner receives your referral and opens an intake, then automatically signs up the intake and creates a matter. This is the second process.


Field Requirements

Follow these guides for field requirements when building processes for actions.
 Referral and intake field requirements
 Matters field requirements


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