Modify a default matter team on the Matter Team component once you have added it to a matter plan. Add, edit, and delete members to keep up with changes in a case. This ensures that your matter team works for each particular matter. If a case calls for an additional attorney or paralegal, add this member to the matter plan.

This process only modifies the matter team on the current matter. To permanently edit a default matter team, visit Litify Setup and edit the default matter team or create a new default matter team.

Navigate to the matter team component on a matter. You have several options to modify the matter team.

1. Click Change Matter Team to select a different default matter team from the dropdown list. This overrides your current matter team entirely and replaces it with the new default matter team you select.

-If you manually added members to a team, you will lose those members as well.
-If your current team members have tasks assigned to them, you will be prompted to reassign the tasks to different users. 

2. Click Edit to change the Role, User, and Billable Hourly Rate of each member. If you edit a user who has tasks assigned to him or her, you can reassign the tasks to a different user.

3. Click Delete to remove a matter team member. If you delete a member who has tasks assigned to him or her, you have the option to reassign the tasks to a different user.

4. Click +Add New Matter Team Member to add a new matter team member. Select a user and role for the new matter team member and click Add.




Reassign Tasks

Reassign tasks when you edit or delete members with tasks assigned to them. This reassigns all current incomplete tasks and any upcoming tasks to the new users. Completed tasks remain in the name of the user who completed them.

Select a new user in the New Assignee field. When you change the entire matter team, you have to reassign every current matter team member's tasks. 

In the below image, all of Jesse Beltway's tasks will be reassigned to the user added in the New Assignee field. This user does not have to be a member of the default matter team. This can be any user.



Assign Users to Vacant Roles on Matter Teams

You can also assign users to vacant roles that are not filled on matter teams. See this article for more information.

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