Add a default matter team to a matter so you can begin working on the matter with predefined users and roles. This helps you begin working on your matters quickly and efficiently, and ensures consistency in your case-management processes.

There are two ways to add a default matter team to a matter plan.

Additionally, this guide covers automation in Litify involving matter teams and the Principal Attorney field on matters.


Add a default matter team with the Open Matter action

1. You can add a default matter team when you use the Open Matter action on an intake.

a. In the Matter Owner field, select a user.

• The Matter Owner populates the Principal Attorney field on the new matter.

b. Select the default matter team in the Matter Team dropdown list.

• This list is only populated by the matter teams where the Matter Owner is a member.
• Select None to open a matter with no matter team. You can add a team at a later time.

c. Select the Case Type.

2. Click Confirm. The new matter opens with the default matter team on the matter team component.




Add a matter team on an active matter

1. Navigate to the matter team component on a matter. On the component, click Select Matter Team.

• Note: Add the matterTeam component to your matter record lightning page if you have not.



2. Select a default matter team from the dropdown list. Click Confirm.

3. The default matter team appears. You can edit, delete, and add team members to tailor the default matter team to the matter. Each team member's role, user, and billable hourly rate populates the matter team. Edit a matter team to change these values, or edit them directly on the component.




Matter Team Automation with Principal Attorney field

When you create a new matter, matter team automation is based on the Principal Attorney field. The automation still occurs if you have automation such as Process Builders that complete any of the below steps. So if you have a process that populates Principal Attorney upon creation of a matter, then a matter team will be automatically selected.

This automation only occurs when you create a new matter. It does not occur when you open a matter from an intake.

• If you populate the Principal Attorney field when creating a matter, a matter team is automatically selected. This includes matter teams where the Principal Attorney is a matter team member.

• This includes all teams where the user you select as Principal Attorney is a member, regardless of the user's role on the team.
• If the user is on several matter teams, the first matter team created in your org will be automatically loaded.

• If you do not populate the Principal Attorney field when creating a matter, no automation occurs. No matter team is loaded.

• If you populate the Principal Attorney field after creating the matter rather than at the time of creation, no matter team is loaded.

Principal Attorney field:


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