What is a source on Litify?

The source custom Litify object stores information about the sources of your intakes and potential cases. You can create reports about each source record to track exact data about the sources of your cases. Determine which sources provide the most successful cases, and which sources provide the least quality intakes. Adjust your firm's processes according to reports.


When should I create a source?

Create sources when you are setting up or optimizing your intake processes on Litify. Common sources include television and radio advertisements, events, attorney referrals, and others. You can create custom sources for all of the ways you receive leads. Begin gathering data and reporting about your sources on Litify. 

Use source records to populate the Source field on intakes. This field carries over to a matter when you use the Open Matter action on an intake. 

There are three primary ways to create a source record. This article details each of them.

Standard Sources:

Litify includes these standard sources:
Attorney Referral
Firm Employee
Lead Generation Service
Non-Attorney Referral
Word of Mouth


Create a source from the Sources page

1. Click the cs1.png icon to the left of the toolbar. In the App Launcher, click Sources

2. On the Source page you can create, edit, update, import, and view all of your source records. Click cs2.png in the upper-right corner. 



3. Select the record type in the "New Source" window. The five source record types are: Attorney Referral, Advertisement, Event, Non-Attorney Referral, and Other. You can create additional record types if the basic options in the Litify package do not reflect your source categories. Click Next



4. Complete the "New Source." This label of this window changes based on the record type you select. 

a. Name the source. For our example, we're tracking the a Subway Advertisement for our firm. 
b. Relate this source to other records to keep track of related records. You can relate this source to any party, firm,
or referral record. 


5. The Source record opens. 


6. Change any information about the source on its record page. 


Create a source from the Create Intake window

When you're creating intakes, you can create a source directly from the Source field on the Create Intake window. The +New Source button appears at the bottom of your sources when you click the Source field.

The source you create automatically populates this Source field.



Create a source directly from the Source field on an intake record

Create a source with the +New Source button when you're populating the Source field with a record.


You successfully created a source. 

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