Store resolutions in Litify to capture information about verdicts, decisions, attorney fees, and other important information when resolving a legal matter. Within each resolution, gather information about the payor, resolution type, damage amounts, and all other required information. Resolutions ensure the case life cycle is managed entirely on Litify.

• Run reports on resolutions across all legal matters to gain insight into the way your firm resolves cases.
• Relate resolutions to specific roles within legal matters, such as insurance companies and payors, so you keep track of involved parties.
• Create as many resolution types as necessary to gather information about resolutions specific to your firm's practices.

Permission Set

Litify Matters User Permission Set

Compact Layout

The Resolution object does not include a compact layout. We suggest you create a compact layout.

Add Resolution related list to your matter layout

The Resolution related list is not on any page layouts by default. We suggest you add it to your active matters page layouts.

Resolution Type field

This object includes a Resolution Type picklist field with these values. Add more values to capture information about the types of resolutions in your cases:
• Arbitration
• Defendant Verdict – No Appeal
• Directed Verdict for Defendant
• Discharge
• Dismissed for Fraud
• Fired
• Jury Verdict
• Lost Appeal
• Low Verdict – Client Owes D’s Fees/Costs
• Mediation  
• MSJ Appeal Lost   
• MSJ Lost – No Appeal   
• Negotiation - Filed Suit  
• Negotiation - Not Filed


All Fields

Field LabelField NameData TypeDefinition
Amount Due to ClientAmount_Due_to_Client__cCurrency(16, 2)Amount due to client
Attorney CreditedAttorney_Credited__cLookup(User)The user who is credited the resolution
Contingency Fee Rate (%)Contingency_Fee_Rate__cPercent(16, 2)Percentage contigency fee
Created ByCreatedByIdLookup(User)User who created the resolution
Days to ResolveDays_to_Resolve__cFormula (Number)formula that calculate the Matter Open Date minus the Resolved Date
Fees Due to OthersFees_Due_to_Others__cCurrency(16, 2)Fees due to other parties involved in the case
Gross Attorney FeeGross_Attorney_Fee__cCurrency(16, 2)Gross of attorney fees
InsuranceInsurance__cLookup(Insurance)Insurance company role involved in the resolution
Last Modified ByLastModifiedByIdLookup(User)User who last modified the resolution
MatterMatter__cLookup(Matter)Matter where the resolution was added
NegotiationNegotiation__cLookup(Negotiation)Negotiatoin involved in this resolution
Net Attorney FeeNet_Attorney_Fee__cCurrency(16, 2)All attorney fees minus fees due to others
OwnerOwnerIdLookup(User,Group)Owner of this resolution record
PayorPayor__cLookup(Account)Party who is the payor in the resolution
Payor TypePayor_Type__cPicklistPayor type
ReasonReason__cPicklistReason, dependent on payor type
Record TypeRecordTypeIdRecord TypeRecordType of this resolution
Resolution DateResolution_Date__cDateDate of this resolution
Resolution NameNameAuto NumberAutonumbered name of resolution
Resolution TypeResolution_Type__cPicklistPicklist of resolution types
Resolved byResolved_by__cLookup(User)User who resolved this
Settlement/Verdict AmountSettlement_Verdict_Amount__cCurrency(16, 2)Settlement/Verdict amount in this resolution
Total DamagesTotal_Damages__cCurrency(16, 2)Total damages in this resolution
Total ExpensesTotal_Expenses__cCurrency(16, 2)Total expenses in this resolution

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