This section covers the primary processes involved with received referrals for members and administrators. Manage cases before you choose to sign them up. Your New Inbound Referrals page stores the cases your firm receives before you sign them up. 

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Members can see the inbound referrals assigned to them. 
Administrators can see every inbound referral.

Ref #: Litify Referrals automatically-assigned reference number
Referring Firm: the originating firm that sent you this referral 
Case Type: the case type determined by the originating firm
Case Location: case location determined by the originating firm
Client: the name of the client (Note: this information is hidden until you choose to assign and investigate the case)
Assigned To: the individual who is working on the referral
Status: Referral Status, includes expiration time and other statuses
Actions: the actions you can complete on a referral- Assign & Investigate and Sign Up are the only actions at this stage
More: dropdown list that gives you the option to view more information, decline a referral, and turndown a referral 


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