Sending Referrals on Referrals Pro Overview

Litify Referrals Pro allows you manage on all sent referrals in one place. A common workflow within Litify Referrals might be: send a referral to a partner firm on Litify Referral Network, then check a sent referral's status to keep track of the referral. Additionally, if the receiving firm does not accept the referral, you can send it to another firm.

These processes are integrated with the rest of the Litify application, so you never lose track of a sent referral. This section covers the processes involved with sending referrals on Litify

To see your outgoing referrals, navigate to your Referrals page. Click the downarrow and select the Outgoing referrals list view. You can create list views to display any cases based on field types and case types.


Outgoing Referrals contains all of the referrals your firm has sent.

Referral Name - automatically-generated name in Litify’s system ID - automatically-generated identifier in Litify’s system
Client First Name - first name of the client on the case
Client Last Name - last name of the client on the case 
Client State - client’s location, if provided
Case Type - displays the case type
Handling Firm - displays the receiving firm’s name, the firm working the case
Status - the case’s status

Click any of the tabs to sort your referrals by that information.



Record Type

All sent referrals use the Outgoing Referral Record Type.

To get started, you might want to Send a Referral on Referrals Pro.


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