The Referral Network page displays in-depth information about all of your referral partnerships: quantity of referrals sent to a particular firm, quantity received from a firm, favorable rate, and average response time. This page allows you to keep track of your referral partnerships, so you can optimize your referral processes with data-driven decisions. Use this page to determine where to send referrals, and streamline your referral processes by sending referrals directly to a firm.

Direct access:
Every member in your firm can access this page and use it.

Search referrals by Start Date and End Date, Firm State, and Case Type so you can quickly determine where to send referrals.

Firm Name: the name of the firm 
Firm Location(s): every practice location of the firm
Practice Areas: every type of law the firm practices
You Received: the number of referrals this firm has sent to your firm
You Sent: the number of referrals your firm has sent to this firm
Favorable Rate: the rate of cases this firm has won or settled compared to the total number of signed-up cases you have referred to them
Avg Response Time: the average length of time it takes this firm to investigate a new referral—displays green checkmark if the response time is low
Actions: Send Referral action allows you to send a new referral directly to the firm

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