Customize Fields Displayed in Party Search Results on Roles

Administrators can define what fields appear when users search for a party on the roles component. Distinguish between parties with the same name by adding specific identifying information to the search results. Search for parties, then click the small magnifying glass to view a complete list of search results with all additional fields.

View the Setup Instructions to enable this feature.

Supported Fields

Supported fields: Mobile Phone, Email, Date of Birth, and SSN, and all custom fields are the suggested fields for best practices with this feature. Custom roll-up summary fields are not supported.

Custom Fields

View this article for creating custom formula fields that reference unsupported fields such as Billing Address. This will allow you to add any field to the party search results, with the exception of custom roll-up summary fields.

1. Visit Setup.

2. Navigate to Object Manager.

3. Locate the Party object and click it.

4. In the left sidebar, click Search Layouts.

5. Click the dropdown arrow on Search Results and click Edit.

6. In Party Search Results, pick which fields to display when searching for parties from a lookup field. Click an Available Field and click Add. All Selected Fields display in the search results if the fields are populated.

7. Navigate to the roles on an intake or matter. Search for a party, then click the magnifying glass to view all search fields. The search for parties now includes the client's email address and mobile phone.

Note: The dropdown search displays only one field. Make sure to click the magnifying glass to see the complete list of search results and fields.


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