After you Build a DICE Queue for intake agents, test your queue to ensure that it displays the correct records. In our example, we built a queue that pulls up any automobile accident cases in Florida. Let's test the calling list to see how it looks.

Note: DICE queues only include intakes with populated Client fields. So make sure intake Client fields are populated if you are expecting those intake records to appear on your calling list.


Here's how:

1. Click DICE in the bottom left corner of any page.

2. From the dropdown list, select your DICE queue.


3. Click Next. You will be automatically directed to the first record on your calling list.

Note: When users navigate DICE calling lists, the minimum amount of time between calls depends on when the users click Next. For example, let's say a user clicks Next and navigates to an intake. The timer begins at that point, so that agent and other agents will not be able to navigate to this intake via DICE for the amount of time you set.

4. Intake agents can log each call and email when navigating a DICE calling list.

a. Locate the Activity tab to the right of your page layout, and click the Log a Call tab. Enter the SubjectComments, and Contact. The intake record automatically populates the Related To field. 

b. Click Save. This automatically populates the Last Called At and Total Calls fields on the intake. If you log an Email, this populates the Last Emailed At and Total Emails fields.  


5. Continue clicking Next to navigate through every record in the DICE calling list.  This message displays at the end of the DICE calling list:


Note: Clicking Next creates a new DICE Log record for each intake record you access on a calling list. Read the article about DICE Log records.


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