After syncing your firm to LRN, determine the exact data to sync and how often to sync it. Set intervals, activate syncs, deactivate syncs, and force syncs with advanced sync settings.

  1. Navigate to Litify Setup, and click Advanced Sync Settings in the sidebar.
  2. In this window, sync every referral, firm, and case type from LRN with Litify on Salesforce.

Incoming Referrals - sync incoming referrals from LRN.

Outgoing Referrals - sync outgoing referrals with LRN so you receive updates from the handling firm about all active outgoing referrals, including status updates, field updates, and other changes in the case.

ex. When the handling firm signs up an intake that began as your referral, the Signed up at field on your outgoing referral record is automatically updated with this information.

Send Referrals - sync all new sent referrals with LRN, so the referrals you create and send automatically sync with LRN.

Firms - sync Firms with LRN.

Case Types - sync Case Types with LRN. Note: the current Case Type sync overwrites Available Case Type settings.

Other considerations

  • The user who activates LRN sync must have the following permissions:
    • Referrals: Create, Edit
    • Referral Transactions: Create, Edit
  • Click Activate All to enable every sync.
  • To speed up the initial syncing process, click Force Sync next to every option. This bypasses the interval and waiting period for syncing between Litify and LRN and syncs all records.
  • Select the Interval in which LRN will sync data with Salesforce for each category.
  • The green Running box indicates the sync is currently active and syncing on the interval you set. 

It might take a few minutes for your referrals to sync with Referrals Pro. Wait a little while, then check your referrals page to see all of your cases from Litify Referrals Network. 

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