Locate Your Open Matters with the My Matters Component

Add My Matters component to your homepage to easily find your open matters. The component displays all open matters you own or where you are a matter team member.


Fields Displayed

Fields displayed on My Matters are Display Name, Client, Case Type, Stage, Statute of Limitations, and Last Activity Date. To change these fields, navigate to this section.


Matters are sorted by default by the Last Activity Date field. If you exclude this date from the search results layout, matters are sorted by display name.

Add My Matters

1. Add the My Matters component to your homepage. Navigate to your homepage, and click the gear icon in the upper-right and click Edit.

2. Locate the My Matters component in Custom - Managed components. Drag it onto the page layout. Save the page layout.


3. View and access all matters you own or where you are a team member quickly. Click View More to see all open matters.


4. Click any of the headers to organize the My Matters table. Click a display name to access the matter.


Change My Matters Fields

1. Navigate to Matters > My Matters list view. Click the gear and select Select Fields to Display.

2. Select fields in the Available Fields and add them to the Visible Fields, or remove fields from Visible Fields.


3. In the URL, copy the 18 digit List View ID. Example: list?filterName=00B0b000008vzbTEAQ.

4. On your home page, click the gear in the upper-right and click Edit Page.

5. Click on the My Matters Component. Paste the copied ID in List View ID.

6. My Matters will now display the fields on the list view.


Next, add the Matters Quick Search Utility Tool.

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