Choose What to Sync Automatically with Litify Inbox

Litify Inbox includes settings that determine how calendar events and emails sync with Litify. This guide defines each setting.

1. To determine these settings, navigate to Sync settings > Detailed Settings.


2. Within Detailed Settings, Activities Sync Options contains these settings.


Auto-Save All Emails in Threads

When this is enabled, once you save an email in the email thread, every email in this thread will be automatically saved to the selected records. You can disable this option for a specific thread using a corresponding control in the Inbox Sidebar which is displayed in the pop-up dialog when saving the first email in the thread.

See this article for more information about auto-saving emails in threads.

Enable Meetings Auto-Sharing

You can enable your Outlook Calendar Events to automatically sync with your Litify calendar.

With Enable Meetings Auto-Sharing enabled, your meetings are automatically saved to your Litify calendar and also to the calendars of attendees if they are found in Litify by email addresses. Note: events must have at least one attendee besides the organizer to auto-share.

Note: meetings are events with attendees.

Enable Appointments Auto-Sharing

With automatic sharing of appointments enabled, your appointments will be automatically saved to your Litify calendar.

Note: appoints are events without attendees.

Blacklisting Emails and Domains

The domain blacklist feature stops the sidebar from prompting you to create a party record for someone with the email domain(s) listed.

To add email addresses and domains to the blacklist, specify one or several addresses or domains you want to block in the Blacklisted Domains field.

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