Create a New Litify Referrals Network Account

Create a new Litify Referrals Network Account so you can sync your Salesforce org to LRN and begin sending, receiving, and managing referrals on Litify. Whether you use Referrals, Intakes, or Matters, you must create an LRN account to sync your Salesforce org to LRN and send referrals.


Create an LRN account before syncing your LRN account with Litify.  

Why do I need an LRN account if I only use Litify Intakes or Litify Matters?

When you use intakes and matters, you are still able to refer out an intake and refer out a matter to firms in LRN and expand your referrals business. You also need an LRN account so you can sync your Firms, Case Types, and other areas with other firms. 

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