Track the exact amount of time you spend working on a matter with the stopwatch. Access the stopwatch on the utility bar from any page on Litify and select the matter record you are working on. Pause the stopwatch to add a time entry record based on the time you spent working on the matter. The stopwatch runs the entire time you spend on Litify, only stopping when you pause it or log out.

The stopwatch is located on the utility bar and the Time Entries component. This article contains directions for using both as well as other considerations about using the stopwatch.


Stopwatch on the Utility Bar

1. Locate the Stopwatch component on the utility bar. Click Stopwatch.

2. In the Select a Matter field, search for a matter by Record ID or Display Name. Click the matter record.

3. Click START to begin tracking the time you spend working on the selected matter.

The stopwatch contains a link to the matter with the record ID and display name, so you can quickly access the matter if you have navigated to a different page.


4. Click Pause. You have several options at this point.

a. Click Cancel to stop tracking time and start the stopwatch at 0.
b. Click Resume to continue keeping track of time.
c. Click Add Time Entry to add a time entry record to the matter based on the amount of time you spent working on this matter.


5. Complete the "Add Time Entry" window.

a. Select the Task Type from the dropdown list. This field contains all of your task types. See this article for information about task types.
c. Describe the task. This field contains a maximum of 255 characters by default. Expand this character limit in Time Entry Settings in Litify Settings.
d. Set the status as Unpaid or Paid.
 Determine whether or not the time entry is billable. Checking this box triggers the billable interval. This rounds the Hours field up to the nearest interval. Set the interval in Litify Setup.
f. Select the matter team member who spent time working on this case. This user must be a matter team member on this matter.
g. Bill this matter to a party record.
h. The amount of time on the stopwatch auto-populates the Hours field.
i. Select the user's billable hourly rate. The user's default billable hourly rate auto-populates this field. Modify it if necessary.
j. The amount field is auto-populated based on the hours and rate.


6. Click Save. The time entry record is stored on the matter's time entry records.

Stopwatch on Time Entries Summary

Access the stopwatch on the Time Entries Summary.

1. Click the clock icon next to the +Add Time Entry button.

2. Keep track of time, then pause the stopwatch to add a time entry.



Other considerations:

• Different users can run the stopwatch on the same matter simultaneously.

• If you open the stopwatch on the Time Entries Summary component, the stopwatch on the utility bar continues running for the matter.

• When you navigate to a different matter, the stopwatch continues tracking time for the matter.

• If you are running the stopwatch for a matter and you open the stopwatch on the Time Entries Summary component on a different matter, you will be prompted to pause the stopwatch for the first matter. Return to the first matter via the stopwatch or the Time Entries Summary component to resume the paused time entry.

• If the stopwatch on the utility bar is running, the stopwatch on the Time Entries component on the same matter runs in sync with it. You cannot run them separately.

• You can only run the stopwatch for one matter at a time.

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