List views allow intake agents and managers to view particular types of cases based on criteria you set. Creating list views allows you to customize the records displayed on your referrals, intakes, matters, parties, and any other list of records. Create a list view that displays records with exact values in certain fields. Add filters to narrow down the cases in your list view.

You can also edit records directly from list views and add columns from the available fields on the record. This guide covers those as well.

For this guide, we’ll create a “New York Automobile Accident Cases” list view that displays automobile accident referrals in New York. Create any type of list view along with this guide.


Here's how:

1. Navigate to any record list where you want to create a list view. Create list views for any records: referrals, intakes, matters, parties, or anything else. In this example, we'll create a list view for referrals. Once you have navigated to the records, click the gear icon all the way to the right. 


2. Click New


3. The "New List View window" opens. Complete the window.

a. Name the list view "New York Automobile Accident Cases."
b. Determine who can see this list view.
c. Click Save


5. The list view window opens. First, determine if you want the list to show your referrals or all referrals.

a. Click the “Show me” box.



b. Determine the cases your list shows. Click Done.



6. Add filters that determine the cases your list displays. Click Add Filter.

a. Select Client State in the Field dropdown list.
b. Select equals in the Operator dropdown list.
c. Select New York in the Value dropdown list. 
d. Click Done.

Note: You can filter your list view with any fields, operators, and values. For this example, we're filtering our list view with New York automobile accident cases. 



e. Add additional filters to further narrow down the cases in your list view. This list displays automobile accident cases in New York, so we added an additional Case Type filter. Click Save


7. Filter your list view by record type so you can edit records directly from the list view. For this example, we're selecting the Incoming Referral record type.


8. Your new list view displays the exact cases you want to see. Build more list views to enhance your organization and customization.  



Add fields to your list view

Add fields to your list view to see information directly from the list, edit the information, and organize the list view based on the information.



Edit fields in-line

Look for the small pencil next to fields to edit them. Read this article about mass editing records from a list view.


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