Spring '18 Release Notes

The Spring '18 release is all about users--enhancing user experience, navigation, and collaboration across Litify. Create personalized navigation tabs, set component visibility based on specific criteria, search for emails in global search, and edit events on shared calendars. Customize your experience on Litify with these new features. Read each highlight and navigate to the links for complete information and setup instructions.

Your org will be upgraded automatically

All Litify orgs will be upgraded to the new release at some point in the first two weeks in February. You do not need to manually install this release. The specific time and date for your organization's five-minute upgrade window is listed here.

When your org is being upgraded, your users will receive a message stating that the service is momentarily unavailable. Once the service is available, your Salesforce org will be on the Spring '18 release. This reminder only applies to the upgrade of your production instance. For information on sandbox upgrades, please visit status.salesforce.com/status.  

New Features

Edit Events on Shared Calendars

Edit events on any calendars you share with coworkers directly from the calendar view. This saves you time when you do not have to locate coworkers' events after reviewing their calendars. Direct navigation leads to a more efficient user experience.

For example, the paralegal working a matter can update an event directly on the attorney’s shared calendar, instead of only the record owner (“Assigned To” User) being able to edit the event. Enhance your ease of collaboration with this new feature. Read this article for complete information about editing events on shared calendars.


Customize Your Litify Theme

Add brand images and colors to your org to customize your Litify experience. Choose your firm's colors and images relating to your work to enhance your flow on Litify. Read the complete article for information about customizing your org.

Navigate to Setup > Themes and Branding to create, edit, or change your theme.

Note: Only administrators can create custom themes.



Search for Emails in Global Search

Pinpoint exact email information by searching for information from the following fields on an email: Bcc Address, Cc Address, From, Address, Subject, Text Body, or To Address in the search bar. Click search, click more, then locate Email Messages. This gives you wider access to your org and saves you time.  Read this article for complete information.


Set Component Visibility Rules

Set visibility rules for components and custom objects on page layouts. Establish rules for removing or granting access to components based on the processes your users are completing. See this article for complete information.

Include related fields and other objects in component visibility rules. See this article.

For example, show or hide the Time Entries component based on the profile of the user viewing a matter. Or, show or hide the Time Entries component based on the Case Type or Status field on a matter. Set these rules for every component on your pages. Managers have more options to fine-tune access across an org to enhance workflow.

Note: Only administrators can set component-visibility rules.


Personalize Your Experience with Navigation Tabs

Add custom tabs to navigate to areas of Litify that you frequently access. Save time and increase efficiency when you choose your own accessibility. Add a tab that links to referrals directly from matters. Create temporary tabs to specific records that disappear when you log out. You can also create permanent tabs that are unique to your navigation efficiency. Read this article for complete information.


Create Collapsible Sections for Components

Organize your pages by creating collapsible sections containing multiple components. This enhances your user-customization toolkit and gives you more options for placing components. For example, you might want to add the roles component and matter team components into collapsible sections in the new Accordion page-organization component. Read the complete article.



Manage Lightning Pages with Lightning App Builder

Choose a page directly from Lightning App Builder so you do not have to navigate to Setup. Enhance your experience with direct page navigation. Read the complete article for more information.



Share Links to Chatter Posts

Sharing chatter posts now includes a Copy Link feature that generates a link to the detail view of the chatter post. Increase access to chatter posts and link coworkers to important information with this feature. Read the complete article for more information.

Build Macros to Automate Tasks

Build macros on most standard and custom objects to quickly update and edit the objects via the Macros link on the utility bar. Macros complete scripted actions, saving you time when you can click one button to complete a series of steps. Build a macro that automatically logs a call and sends a follow up email to a potential client after a phone screening.

Read this article for complete information about macros. Read this article for complete information about using quick text with macros.

Note: Only administrators can build and use macros.



Set Individual Preferences for Activity Reminders

You can now override the default reminder settings to personalize your reminders for tasks and events. Navigate to personal settings to set your Activity Reminders settings. See this article for more information.



Update 200 Records from a List View

With mass quick actions you can now update up to 200 records at once from a list view. Intake managers can update information on 200 different intakes at once with this enhanced feature. Expand your organization and management abilities with this new tool. Read this article for complete information.

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