Update, Edit, or Delete Calendar Rules Triggers and Events

Update or edit existing calendar rule triggers or events to change important dates, descriptions, or add other information. Every time you edit an event, an Event Change Log record is created.

Important considerations:
• Changing the date of an event updates all related event dates.
• Deleting a calendar rule trigger deletes all associated event records.

Permission set required: Litify Calendar Rules User
1. Navigate to Calendar Rules on a Matter. Locate the Calendar Rules Triggers related list. See the setup guide for more information about adding this list. Click the Calendar Rule Trigger you are editing.


2. Edit the information on this page. If you edit the Trigger Date, you must also add a Change Reason.


3. Click the "Associated Events" tab to see all events you added to your calendar with this trigger.


4. Click an event to edit it.


The Day of Arbitration was delayed in this case, so we're moving it back and adding a change reason.


Event Change Logs

Notice the Event Change Log field is now populated.


Every time you change one of the Calendar Rules Triggers, it will generate an Event Change Log. Use these to audit changes to Calendar Rules:


Delete a calendar rules trigger

Deleting a calendar rules trigger deletes all associated event records created with the trigger, saving you the effort of removing all individual events added to your calendar.

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