Edit your intakes page layout to add, rearrange, or remove fields, related lists, and buttons to fit your firm's intake practices. Litify Intakes includes layouts that you can customize.

Note: Page layouts do not change with each release, so any change you make to your page layout will remain when you upgrade your org to each new version of Litify.

1. Click icon1.png in the top right and click Setup.

2. Click Object Manager on the toolbar.


3. Locate the Intake object and click it.

4. Click Page Layouts in the sidebar.

5. Select the page layout you are editing.

6. On the layout editor, you can add fields, buttons, quick actions, related lists, and charts.




For example, you might want to add the Phone field to the intake layout so you can quickly locate this client's phone number. Locate the phone field in the Fields section and drag it into the Information section.

Make a field read only or required

Hover over the field and click the small wrench to make a field read only or required.


In Field Properties, set the field as Read-Only and Required. Click Ok.



Related Lists

You can drag and drop any related list to into the Related Lists section to display the records on that list on the intake. For example, you might want to add the Notes related list.


7. After you have made all necessary changes, click Save.

Note: If you changed the related lists, you will see this window. Click Yes to overwrite users' customizations.


8. Navigate back to an intake record to view your updated page layout.

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