Docrio Document Generation User Guide

Docrio Document Generation is a document generation tool that supports Docrio. While Docrio helps you upload, view, and manage all of your case documents, Docrio Document Generation helps you create document templates and packets used across your case workflow.

With Docrio Document Generation, you can:

  • Create document templates
  • Create packet templates
  • Merge multiple documents into a packet

Required Permissions

  • Users must have the Docrio End User Permission Set assigned to view files. See the Docrio Admin Guide  for setup instructions.
  • Users must have File Actions assigned to their Salesforce Profile in order to interact with files.

Basic Navigation

  1. Open Litify Matters > Matters > select a Matter Name.
  2. Choose the Documents tab.

Merge Documents

You can merge documents from a record’s Documents tab. The following example generates a packet from a matter record.

  1. Navigate to Litify Matters > Matters > select a Matter Name.
  2. Select the Merge icon.


  1. A modal appears with packet options. Search or scroll to find the right packet.
  2. Select the Packet Name you wish to use.
  3. Complete the fields for each template page in the packet. Select Next Template when you are ready to proceed.
  4. Select Preview to get a live view of your template before publishing.
  5. Select Generate to publish your packet with the completed fields.

Tip: Unsure which packet is the right one? You can view the Packet’s templates by expanding Hide in the Included Templates column.

View Merge Progress

After selecting Generate, a progress bar appears in the Documents tab of the record you are working on.

View Merged Documents

Documents you have merged appear in their own search filter, titled Merged Documents.

  • This view is private to each user
  • This view is temporary; navigating to a new object or clearing the VIEW BY filter clears this view.

Clear Merged Documents View

You can clear the Merged Documents View by selecting Clear Merged View.

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