Mass Edit Records from a List View

Mass edit records when you need to update one or many fields across hundreds of referrals, intakes, matters, or other records. Create a list view that includes one record type and any other necessary filter.

1. Create a list view. Make sure the list view filters records by one record type.


2. Add fields to your list view to see information directly from the list, edit the information, and organize the list view based on the information. Select the fields you want to mass edit.


3. Edit individual fields inline. Look for the small pencil next to fields to edit them.

4. Mass edit fields inline. Click the checkbox next to every record you are editing. Then hover over the field you want to edit and click the little pencil. In the video below, we edit the case type across 100 matters.

Check Update X Selected Items to edit every record you have selected.


5. Click Save.

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