Automate matter stage with Process Builder to pre-determine matter stages based on case criteria. For this example, we'll build a process that automatically changes the matter stage to the Trial stage. Follow this guide, or determine any type of matter stage automation you need for your firm's best practices.

You may also want to create a process that begins a new matter at a specific matter stage based on criteria.


Here's how:

1. Visit Setup by clicking the ms1.png in the upper-right corner and clicking Setup.  

2. Search for Process Builder in the Quick Find Box and select it.

3. In the upper-right corner of the "My Processes" window, click New


4. The "New Process window" opens.

a. Name your process "Change Matter Stage to Trial."
b. Describe the process.
c. Select to start the process when A record changes. Click Save


5. Visually design the process in Process Builder.  First, click + Add Object to select the type of object this process involves.


6. Complete the "Choose Object and Specify When to Start the Process" window.

a. Select the Matter object.
b. Select to start the process when a record is created or edited. If you want to create a process to open a matter to a specific stage, select only when a record is created.


7. In the process builder window, click + Add Criteria. The "Define Criteria" window opens.

a. Criteria Name is Field Update.
b. Set the Criteria for Executing Actions: Conditions are met.



8. Set the conditions.

a. Choose the Matter Status field.
b. Select the Equals operator.
c. Select the Picklist type.
d. Select the Deferred value.


9. Back in the process builder window, click + Add Action. The "Select and Define Action" window opens. 

a. Select Apex in the Action Type dropdown list. 
b. Name your action Set Matter Stage
c. Select Change Matter Stage in the Apex Class dropdown list.


10. Next, set the Apex Variables.

a. Select matterIds in the Field dropdown list.
b. Select Formula in the Type dropdown list. 
c. Click the Value field to enter the correct value: [Matter_ _c].Id
d. Once you've set your apex variables, click Use this Formula.


11. Click + Add Row. Complete the second row of Apex variables.

a. Select stageTemplateIds in the Field dropdown list.
b. Select ID in the Type dropdown list.
c. Select the Record ID of the Matter Activity Stage to which this process will guide users. This value depends on your org. For this example, the value of the Record ID of the Trial stage in this org is a0N41000001002qEAA. Select the correct Record ID in your org.


12. Click Save to complete this step. Your process builder should look like this: 


13. Activate the process.

a. In the upper-right corner, click Activate.
b. On the Activate window, Click Confirm.


Additional information

Review Salesforce documentation for additional information and background about the Lightning Process Builder.


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