What is a matter?

Matter (litify_pm__Matter__c) is a Litify object where all of the information associated with a pending, ongoing, or past legal case is stored. A matter includes basic details such as important dates, case type, location, and status. It also includes attached files and financial information like billing rates, time entries, and expenses. Related party and intake records are also tied to individual matters. Firms using advanced matters features will also see the events, tasks, Chatter communications, matter plan, and associated matter plan stages, and matter plan tasks associated with a given matter.


When should I create a matter record?

Create a matter record on your matters page to work on the entirety of a case in one location. Add matter plans, tasks, and matter teams to a matter.  Many matters begin as intakes or referral records. Some firms work entirely in matters, so this process is for matter records that do not originate as intakes or referral records.


Here's how:

1. Navigate to your matters page. On this page you can view, create, edit, and delete matter records. You can sort your matters by list views. The standard list views are: All, Closed Matters, Open Matters, and Recently Viewed. Create a new list view to change what records you see on this page.


2. In the upper-right corner, click cam3.png.

3. Complete the "New Matter: Billable Matter" window. You must select a party record to populate the Client field. Click Save.


4. The new matter record opens. Begin compiling information on the matter.


Create a matter from the matters tab

1. Click the dropdown arrow on the matters tab and click +New Matter to create a matter.

2. Complete the "New Matter: Billable Matter" window and click Save.


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