Litify Inbox Sync for Events

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Once installed, Litify Inbox automatically syncs events between Litify and Exchange (Outlook) when the following are true:

• The event was created after the User first logged in to Litify Inbox and synced it with Exchange
• The event date is not more than 60 days in the future, as of when the event was created
• The event date is not more than 14 days in the past, as of the current date

Exceptions to auto-sync of Events
There are some exceptions to the rules above. The most commonly encountered exceptions are outlined below. For more detail on exceptions to 1:1 sync, see this article.

• Events marked as “Private” and created in Exchange will not sync automatically

• These events can be synced manually by adding the “Litify” category to the event series in Outlook, or by saving the event series to Litify using the Litify Inbox sidebar

Note: If you manually save a Private Outlook event to Litify, the Litify version will not be marked private. All event details will be visible to the owner and other users as normal.


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