Store insurance information in Litify such as policies, providers, and adjusters related to a legal matter. Insurances capture claim numbers, policy numbers, and insurance types based on the selected insurance--health, liability, and others. This information remains with a matter throughout its lifetime on Litify, ensuring you can review all insurance details at any time. Fine-tune your insurance processes on Litify.

• Relate insurances to legal matters and specific roles within matters, such as subrogation agencies and policy holders.
• Keep track of all insurance companies and policies involved in a legal matter.
• Create negotiations directly from insurances to streamline the process of negotiating with insurance companies.
• Run reports on insurance policies and companies across all legal matters to gain insight into case metrics.


Permission Sets

• The Intake User Permission Set contains Create, Edit, and View all permissions for insurances.
• The Matter User Permission Set contains Create, Edit, and View All permission for insurances.
• The Power User Permission Set contains Create, Edit, View All, and Delete permission for insurances.


Record Types

This object includes Health and Liability record types and page layouts out-of-the-box. These record types contain fields relevant to health insurance and liability insurance. Create additional record types as necessary to store information based on your firm's practices.


Insurance record

This insurance policy contains important information about the insurance type, insurance company, and the policy number. This page also contains lists that display all insurance records on the matter and negotiations associated with the current insurance.


Create New Negotiation action on insurance

Use this action to create a negotiation associated with this insurance easily.

Page Layouts containing this object

• Take Action layout on the matter object includes the insurance related list.
• Role (Take Action) on the role object includes the insurance related list.


Coverages Field

Coverages picklist field contains these values. Add more as necessary:


Insurance Type

Insurance Type picklist fields contains these values. Add more as necessary:


All Fields

Field Label Field Name Data Type Definition
Adjuster litify_pm__Adjuster__c Lookup(Role) The adjuster on the case where this insurance record was added.
Adjuster Name litify_pm__Adjuster_Name__c Formula (Text) Name of the adjuster on the case.
Claim Number litify_pm__Claim_Number__c Text(100) Claim number associated with this policy.
Combined Single Limits litify_pm__Combined_Single_Limits__c Currency(16, 2) Combined single limits on this policy.
Comments litify_pm__Comments__c Long Text Area(32768) Comments about this policy.
Coverages litify_pm__Coverages__c Picklist Picklist of coverages. Add more values if necessary.
Created By CreatedById Lookup(User) User who created this insurance record.
Insurance Company litify_pm__Insurance_Company__c Lookup(Role) Insurance Company involved with this insurance record.
Insurance Company Name litify_pm__Insurance_Company_Name__c Formula (Text) Name of the insurance company.
Insurance Name Name Text(80) Name of this insurance policy.
Insurance Type litify_pm__Insurance_Type__c Picklist Type of insurance
Last Modified By LastModifiedById Lookup(User) Last user who edited this policy.
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter) Matter where this insurance record was added.
Owner OwnerId Lookup(User,Group) User who owns this record.
Per Incident litify_pm__Per_Incident__c Currency(16, 2) Cost per incident.
Policy Holder litify_pm__Policy_Holder__c Lookup(Role) Associated Policy Holder role.
Policy Holder Name litify_pm__Policy_Holder_Name__c Formula (Text) Name of the Policy Holder.
Policy Number litify_pm__Policy_Number__c Text(100) Policy number.
Record Type RecordTypeId Record Type RecordType ID of this insurance record.
Subrogation Agency litify_pm__Subrogation_Agency__c Lookup(Role) Associated Subrogation Agency Role.
Subrogation Agency Name litify_pm__Subrogation_Agency_Name__c Formula (Text) Name of Subrogation Agency.


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