View Client Information Before Investigating a Referral

The first step after you receive a referral is reviewing the case details to determine whether you want to investigate it or not. 

Note: You cannot view a client’s name or contact information before investigating a case. You must investigate a case to see the client’s contact information. Follow these steps to locate case information prior to investigation.

1. Find the referral on your inbound referrals page. Click the More dropdown arrow. Click View Details.


2. Review the information to determine whether you are interested in investigating this case and contacting the client. This page displays the referring firm's contact information, the referral sent date, case type, case location, incident date, referral agreement, and other case details. This page also shows the time until the case expires. You must investigate it before this expiration date.


Next, you might want to Investigate a Received Referral.


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