Set due date reminders on Matter Tasks to help team members complete Tasks on time. When enabled, the assigned user for the Task will receive a notification on the reminder date.

There are three ways to add reminders to default Matter Tasks:

Add a Reminder to Matter Task When Building a Matter Plan

This guide assumes you have already created a Matter Plan.

  1. Search for and select Matter Plans from the App Finder.
  2. Select a Matter Plan.
  3. Select a Matter Stage.
  4. Select a Task
  5. Navigate to the Due Date Selector within the Task.
    • Using this component, you can set a due date for the associated Task.

  6. Click the box next to Set Reminder to activate reminders for this Task. 
  7. Select a Value
    • This must be a number with at most 8 digits. This field determines the amount of time related to the operator.
  8. Select an operator, either Days Before or Days After.
  9. Click Save.

Add Reminders Directly to Tasks on a Matter Plan

  1. Click Edit to the right of an existing Task.
  2. Click the Reminder Set box to edit or add a reminder. 

  3. Set the Date and Time for when you would like to be reminded. 
  4. Click Save

Add a Reminder to a Task Via the Tasks Tab

  1. Navigate to Litify Matters.
  2. Click the Tasks tab.
  3. Click the Task you wish to edit.
  4. Scroll down to Recurrence and Reminders, and click the pencil icon next to Reminder Set
    • This will open this section to editing. 

  5. Check the box next to Reminder Set, and set when you would like to be reminded.
  6. Click Save.

Additional Considerations

  • Reminder dates relative to default matter task due dates are automatically updated if task due dates change. When you edit a due date on Due Date Selector, you do not need to edit the reminder.
  • Review Salesforce documentation about reminders for complete considerations.

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