Send Another Referral to the Same Firm Using Referral Network

On the Referral Network page, you can send a referral directly to a firm you have sent a referral to in the past. This process allows you to review relationship data with a firm to determine the best place to send a referral. Check the favorable rate to pick a firm that often does well with the cases you send it. 

1. Locate the handling firm where you want to send the case. Click Send Referral beneath the Actions tab.  



2. Complete the "New Referral - Client & Case" window.

3. The New Referral - Handling Firm window opens. In the Firm, Attorney or Contact field, the firm is preselected. Click Next.  


4. Complete the referral as you would any new referral. You have successfully sent another referral to a partner firm via the Referral Network.


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