Disable Trigger Items Across All Matters

In Calendar Rules Settings, you can determine the Trigger Items that are available in the Trigger Item dropdown list on Calendar Rules across all matters. Removing Trigger Items you do not need will help you quickly select the right options when using Calendar Rules on Litify.

You must have an account with Calendar Rules to set your Calendar Rules settings. See this article for information about setting up Calendar Rules.

Profiles that can access Litify Setup have access to Calendar Rules Settings.


1. Visit Litify Setup by clicking the app launcher icon dti1.png and selecting Litify Setup.

2. In the Integrations section, click Calendar Rules Settings.

3. Enter your login token from Calendar Rules and click Submit. Skip this step if you have already logged in.



4. This page displays every available trigger item in your jurisdictions. Use the search bar to locate trigger items you want to remove or add.

• You must enter at least three characters to search.

5. Deselect any trigger items that you will not use in your jurisdictions. This allows you to reduce the amount of options in the Trigger Items dropdown list on the Calendar Rules component.

• Removing a trigger item does not affect any previous events you have added with this trigger item. This only removes the trigger item from appearing in the Trigger Item dropdown list on Calendar Rules.


6. Click Save.

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