Store negotiations in Litify to capture demands, offers, and related insurance information in a legal matter. Within each negotiation, gather information about involved parties, the type of negotiation, and negotiation amounts. This information remains with a matter throughout its lifetime on Litify, ensuring you can review all negotiations at any time.

• Relate negotiations to legal matters and specific roles within matters, such as insurance companies, so you can keep track of of all involved parties.
• Review exactly who is involved in negotiations and when they occur throughout a legal matter.
• Build negotiation reports in Litify to gain insight into your negotiation metrics across all legal matters.

How to use negotiations on Litify

Follow this guide to review all information about setting up and using negotiations on Litify, including page layouts, types, and fields. 

Permission Sets

• The Matter User Permission Set contains Create, Edit, and View All permission for negotiations. Use this permission set for users who need to access negotiations.
• The Power User Permission Set contains Create, Edit, View All, and Delete permission for negotiations.

Page Layouts containing this object

• Take Action layout on the matter object includes the negotiation related list. 

Negotiation Type

Negotiation Type picklist contains these values. Add more as necessary:
• Initial Demand
• Initial Offer
• Counter Demand
• Counter Offer

All Fields

Field Label Field Name Data Type Definition
Amount litify_pm__Amount__c Currency(16, 2) Amount of the negotiation.
Comments litify_pm__Comments__c Long Text Area(32768) Comments about the negotiation.
Created By CreatedById Lookup(User) User who created this record.
Date litify_pm__Date__c Date Date of the negotiation.
Last Modified By LastModifiedById Lookup(User) Last user who edited the negotiation.
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter) Matter where this negotiation was added.
Negotiating with litify_pm__Negotiating_with__c Lookup(Role) Lookup to role who is involved in this negotiation on this matter, such as an insurance company.
Negotiating with Name litify_pm__Negotiating_with_Name__c Formula (Text) Name of party who this negotiation involves.
Negotiation Name Name Text(80) Name of the negotiation.
Owner OwnerId Lookup(User,Group) Owner of this record.
Related Insurance litify_pm__Related_Insurance__c Lookup(Insurance) Relates this negotiation to an insurance record.
Type litify_pm__Type__c Picklist Type of negotiation. Add values as necessary.


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