Exporting and Importing Questionnaires and CQC

Litify Setup allows you to export and import questionnaires and case qualification criteria records. This process streamlines your questionnaire implementation and allows you to add questionnaires to a different org. Export pre-built questionnaires from a different org and import them into the org you are setting up. Then modify the questionnaires as necessary.

Use this process for importing and exporting all questionnaires and CQC to validate the data. Do not import questionnaires with the data loader or import button. These do not provide data validation.


Exporting Questionnaires and CQC Records

1. Click the eq1.png button and navigate to Litify Setup.

2. In the Settings tab, click Questionnaires beneath Litify Intakes Settings.


3. In the Import/Export section, select every questionnaire and CQC record you need to export.  We suggest you select every questionnaire and CQC record and export them together to avoid creating duplicates.

You must export and import CQC records alongside questionnaires. We suggest you export and import them along with the related questionnaires. This process does not check for the relation between questionnaires and CQC, so determine which CQC and questionnaires to export and import together.


3. Click Export. This downloads the JSON file containing your questionnaires and CQC. Store this file and prepare to import it.


Importing Questionnaires and CQC Records

1. In Questionnaire settings, locate the import button beneath the export section.

2. Click Choose File and locate the JSON file you downloaded.

3. Click Import.



If you uploaded duplicate questionnaires:


3. Locate your new questionnaires and CQC records in the Litify Setup section in your org. This also creates a record for every question from the questionnaires you imported. Modify and edit questionnaires as necessary in questionnaire builder, including setting them as active and available if necessary. Create additional questions in question builder.

Now that you've added questionnaires, you need to set a default questionnaire.

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