Questionnaire nodes are sets of questions in a questionnaire. Clicking Next on the questionnaire navigates to the next node. Add as many questions as necessary to each node and as many nodes as necessary to each questionnaire you build. Building questionnaire nodes allows you to define:

  1. Questions in the node
  2. Check CQC settings
  3. Navigation rules to the next node

Additionally, nodes can navigate to any node on the current questionnaire or any questionnaire in your org.

In Questionnaire Builder, Question Nodes are on the left sidebar. Click the + button beneath the list of nodes to add a new node.


Questions section

Complete the Questions and Navigation section in each node. Add questions, descriptions, and mapping preferences in the Questions section.

  • Check CQC?: This setting checks every CQC rule in your org when users press Next on this node. See this article for complete information.
  • Question: This dropdown list contains every question in your org. Select each question in the node from this dropdown list.
  • Description: This description appears on the node beneath the question. Think of this as help text to guide users through the questionnaire.
  • Mapping: Map the answer to this question to a specific field on the intake or matter. The dropdown options change based on the question. See this article about mapping.
  • Required: Make this question required to continue navigating the questionnaire. Users must answer required questions before navigating to the next node on the questionnaire.
  • Trashcan Icon: Click this button to delete the question.
  • Plus Icon: Click this button to add a question to this node. Add as many questions as necessary to each node.


The same node on the questionnaire component:



Navigation section

Set navigation after selecting the questions for the node. The questionnaire ends after this node if you do not set navigation.

Questionnaire: This dropdown contains every Active questionnaire in your org. Select the current questionnaire or a different questionnaire.
Node: Select any node within the questionnaire.
Rules: Create rules that trigger this navigation to occur. For example, if you want to navigate to a node based on the Case City field on the intake: select Case City, equals, and add the cities. If the Case City field on the intake is in any of these cities, then this navigation will occur.
User-added image: Click the plus button to add more navigation rules as necessary.
User-added image: Click the trashcan to delete the navigation.
User-added image: Click the plus sign beneath the navigation rules to add more navigation options. Questionnaires can navigate to many different questionnaires and nodes using complex navigation rules.


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