Litify Inbox v1.5 Release Notes


About v1.5

This release notes list contains information on all essential updates included in the released version 1.5 of Litify Inbox powered by SmartCloud Connect. The list summarizes major and minor improvements, changes, and notable fixes.


Upgrade Steps

This release will be pushed to all Litify Inbox users automatically.



Improvements & New features
Bug fixes


Improvements & New features


Improved sidebar user interface

Several improvements to the display of record cards within the Litify Inbox sidebar:

• The card header now includes all four key fields, as defined in the sidebar customization for the object
• Additional fields can be viewed from the main sidebar interface by clicking a button at the bottom of the record card
• The list of fields shown on a card can be expanded by clicking the "Show all important important fields" button; the "Show only important fields" button has been removed
• Sidebar fonts are lighter and there is more space between UI elements
• Removed feedback collection widget
• “Important” status for fields corresponds fully to Sidebar customization settings
• Minor changes to text for controls and notifications



Improved user experience when switching between emails

When switching between emails with the Litify Inbox sidebar open, Inbox now always refreshes the initial suggested records based on the new email. Previously, this behavior was not universal.

If a record with unsaved changes is opened in the Sidebar, Litify Inbox will now prompt the user to save their changes with a confirmation dialog when the user selects another Outlook email or event.


Auto-sync recurring events from Outlook to Litify

Recurring events will auto-sync from Outlook to Litify if the recurring events autosharing option is enabled. Recurring events already auto-synced from Litify to Outlook.

For more information about syncing recurring events, including details about sync exceptions, please see


Save .eml files to SpringCM or Salesforce

Email messages can now be saved as .eml files to Salesforce. Firms integrated with SpringCM can save .eml files to SpringCM instead. This allows users to view correspondence and documents in the same place. Users can open .eml files in Outlook to view and respond to emails saved in this way.



Improvements to Scheduling Assistant (Share my availability, Send meeting time slots)

Several improvements to behavior when sending suggested times for an event via the Inbox Sidebar:

• When sending a list of suggested time slots, adjacent time slots are now treated as separate suggestions with separate time slot links. Previously, adjacent time slots would merge into a single longer time slot.
• When using the “Send meeting time slots” feature, meeting duration is now known based on the selected time slots. Previously, users were prompted to enter the duration separately.
• Changed Scheduling Assistant (Share my availability, Send meeting time slots) time format from 24h to 12h.
• Minor interface improvements: meeting duration is now displayed next to meeting location, and the Next button is more visible.



Bug fixes

Sync fails: Could not find a part of the path
Fixed a specific issue that was causing synchronization errors after first message autosaving.

Changed .eml filename doesn't change in SpringCM after uploading
Now, when a message is saved in SpringCM as an .eml file and the file's name is changed by the end-user, the change is properly conveyed to SpringCM.

'Event' object identifier cannot be empty
Fixed a specific Event "sync_error: the 'Event' object identifier cannot be empty" error which caused synchronization stops.

Cannot save .eml files to SpringCM
Fixed an issue with .eml files being unsavable in SpringCM (the error notification "Something wrong happened. Attachments were not saved." being displayed)

User can't create Party from + Sidebar icon
Fixed an issue when it was impossible to create a custom Party object using the new + (Create) Sidebar icon.

Email addresses in body are not parsed by Add-In in Compose mode CLOSED  LOW IMPACT
Now the Add-In reads email addresses included in the body of a message opened in compose mode to use them in Litify Inbox initial search.

Object sections are not loaded in AdaptiveUI during first login
Fixed a specific issue with objects not being loaded/displayed in their categories on the first Add-In opening in Adaptive view.

Can't book a meeting with Inbox scheduler
Scheduling Assistant: now time slots reserved in tentative (optional) attendees' calendars are not handled as non-selectable and are displayed as transparent on Scheduling Assistant's slots selection page.

New Attendee not up-streamed to Salesforce with single occurrence
Fixed a specific issue with event attendee involved only in a single occurrence of a recurring event not being shared in Salesforce.

Unable to create new objects
Increased Add-In stability by fixing a specific issue with new record creation, when the "Loading additional information" notification appeared on clicking the Create record icon and no create record dialog.

Default Add-In customization is not applied
Fixed a specific issue with the default Add-In customization not being applied for new users.

Customers who are not invitees are displayed in Side Panel
Fixed an issue with contacts which are not meeting invitees being retrieved by Litify Inbox initial search and displayed as relevant, by applying strict search.

Chatter button overlaps, it can not be pressed
Fixed an issue with Open Salesforce Chatter button being inaccessible in the Sidebar.

Deleted attendees are appeared after clicking Back-->Next button in Cal tool
Fixed an issue with removed meeting attendees being added back on clicking Back and Next in Scheduling Assistant.

Layout bug on cards with long names
Fixed a cosmetic interface bug with long object card names shifting the Open in Salesforce button to the next line in the card's header.

Duplicate tasks are created when setting 'Allow creation of duplicated Emails in Salesforce' is OFF
Fixed a specific issues with duplicate Task objects being created even though the setting 'Allow creation of duplicated Emails in Salesforce' is set to OFF.

Forced synchronization starts with delay
Sync performance improvement: now sync forcing starts without a delay.

The "Change Settings" label text is partly hidden
Another minor cosmetic interface bug fixed, the Change settings button label on Sync dashboard is no longer partially hidden.

Incorrect Timezone in Event Acceptance email
Fixed an issue with incorrect timezone being indicated in availability time slots notification email sent out to attendees (the "This meeting has been adjusted to reflect your current time zone. It was initially created in the following time zone:" field).

Do not give the ability to edit saved Enhanced email message Description (HTML Body)
Now it is impossible to edit HTML bodies of messages saved as Enhanced emails in Salesforce, as that had caused issues with the Add-In. Both inbound and outbound messages' bodies are now read-only.

Daily weekdays recurring meeting from server has Weekly pattern in Outlook.
Fixed an issue with recurring calendar events syncing: daily recurring meetings in Salesforce were erroneously converted to weekly recurring events in MS Exchange/Outlook.

Share my availability: Sync issue if booked meeting Upstreamed to Salesforce
Fixed an issue with Share my availability feature which caused synchronization issues on booked meetings sharing in Salesforce.

Enhanced Emails shared from compose mode - sync issue at synchronization "Status: bad value for restricted picklist field: Completed"
Fixed a specific error which occasionally caused sync issues "Status: bad value for restricted picklist field: Completed" on sharing of email messages from Compose mode as Enhanced emails.

Extra task is created for saved email via Contact and Lead cards
Fixed a specific issue when duplicated email tasks were created for a Contact or Lead on Save this email clicked in a Contact's or Lead's record card.

New emails incorrectly saved to Litify records
Fixed a specific issue when email messages containing similarities with previously saved emails/threads were erroneously autosaved with records associated with these emails/threads.

Adaptive UI: Search Salesforce objects drop-down list is not hidden if it is not focused
Now the search object types picklist in Add-In's header always hides away properly.

Adaptive UI: click by mouse button doesn't open search page, search results are shown by Homepage
Minor fix of the search dialog's behavior: now clicking on the searched object type in the picklist opens a search results screen instead of listing the results on the home screen.

Incorrect Account defaulting while creating a Contact in add-in
Fixed an issue with incorrect Account being prefilled in the corresponding field on new contact creation.

Customization settings page: no vertical scrolling bar in IE11
Fixed an issue with Customization page rendering in Internet Explorer 11: now the vertical scrollbars are displayed properly.

Impossible to search select individual user for customization push
 Resolved an issue with searching and selecting individual users for pushing a customization.

Add-In: Unsubscribe action doesn't work
FIxed the Unsubscribe smart action so it no longer quits with the error notification "Outlook failed to get necessary data for SmartCloud Connect".

Describe the Unsubscribe smart action button
Now appropriate icons are always displayed next to all object types on the related objects list in a record's detailed view.

Add-in: Activity timeline displays 'Show less' incorrectly
Fixed behavior of the Show less button on Activity timeline so now it works as designed.

Click on "Event is saved" finished with re-link of event, but on opening it
Fixed a specific issue with event sharing, which occurred when another Customer was entered in the "Related to" field on event saving. Now the saved event is re-associated properly.

Employee Number field of Account is blank
Fixed an issue with displaying the content of the Number of employees field on an Account record's card, now the number is displayed properly.

Litify Inbox settings were Updated message when no change was made
Resolved an issue that caused the "Your settings were updated. Please reopen Outlook to apply changes." notification to occasionally appear in the Sidebar when no changes in the settings were actually made.

Change Adaptive UI message in no_cards_placeholder
Improved the placeholder message displayed when no record cards are found, now the message is more informative.

Event sync timed out on
Fixed a specific issue that sometimes caused event sync timeout.

[Admin Panel] Statistics auto-scrolls
Fixed an issue with admin panel navigation: now the Statistics tab does not get auto-scrolled down when opened for users with 300+ sync sessions logged.



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