Questionnaire navigation rules allow you to create simple or complex criteria for navigating from one node on a questionnaire to any node on the current questionnaire or a different questionnaire.

For example, you might want users to navigate from an opening questionnaire to questionnaires built for specific case types based on case-type navigation rules. Or you might want users to navigate to a node based on the Case City field on the intake. In this case, select Case City, equals, and add the cities. If the Case City field on the intake is in any of these cities, then this navigation will occur.


Create rules

1. Select any question or any field on the record in the first dropdown list.

2. Select an available operator. The selections in this list are dependent on the selection you made in the first field.

3. Select value(s). The or operator supports multiple values for certain data types: 'string’, ‘textarea’, ‘email’, ‘phone’, ‘decimal’, ‘integer’, ‘url’, and ‘currency.’ You can use the Or operator for any field that uses any of the above data types. Case Address, Case City, Name, Phone Number, Email, Description are a few prominent examples. 

In this image, the navigation has one rule with several different value options.



Navigation rules are evaluated in order

Navigation rules are evaluated in the order in which you add them to the node. In the below image, the opening questionnaire navigates to questionnaires built for specific case types. These rules are evaluated from the top of the navigation to the bottom.

Important: If the top navigation rule triggers first, then the questionnaire does not evaluate the remaining rules. Make sure you build your navigation rules with this in mind.



Navigation rules are not necessary

Although you must define navigation with the Questionnaire and Node dropdown lists, you do not need to create Rules. If you select a Questionnaire and a Node without Rules, the navigation will direct you to the selected questionnaire and node. Use this when you want the questionnaire to navigate to the next node in the current questionnaire without evaluating fields or question answers.

An example of navigation without rules:



Add as many navigation rules as necessary

Click the plus button to add more navigation rules as necessary. Click the plus sign and add multiple values with the "or" operator depending on the operator and answer type of the selected field.

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