Create a DICE Queue for Case Managers

Create a DICE queue for each case manager to enable these users to quickly navigate to their cases and call their clients at any interval. Complete this process for intakes or matters. This process includes two steps: creating a custom formula field and a building a DICE queue referencing the field.

1. First, create a custom formula field on the matter object. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Matter object.

To complete this process for intake managers, follow the same steps on the intake object.

2. Click Fields & Relationships in the left sidebar.

3. Click New in the upper-right corner.


4. Select the Formula field type.


5. Complete Step 2.

a. Name the field in Field Label.
b. Your Field Label autopopulates Field Name.
c. Select Text in Formula Return Type.
d. Click Next.


6. Complete Step 3. Insert this formula then click Next:
Owner:User.FirstName & " " & Owner:User.LastName


7. Make the field Visible on all profiles whose users need to use this queue. Click Next.

8. Add this field to layouts so managers access these matters with DICE queues. Click Save.



Create a Dice Queue referencing the new field and the matter owner's name

Now that you've created a custom field referencing the matter owner name, it's time to build a DICE queue that references the new field and the value of the Case Manager's name. Build a DICE queue for each Case Manager.

1. Navigate to Dice Queues. Create a new queue.

a. Set the queue to Navigate To Matter.
b. Set the Queries to reference your new Matter Owner Name field, Equals operator, Value of the Case Manager's name for this queue. Create additional queues for different managers.
c. Add any other important information to the queue and Save it.


2. Determine the sorting of the matters.

3. Save your queue and test it. Now, your matter owners and case managers can easily navigate to records they own.  


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